HBR - The Case for More Silent Meetings

Design & 2D animation


Client: Harvard Business Review
Directed by: Dash
Executive Producer: Mack Garrison
Producer: Meryn Hayes
Director: Cory Livengood
Illustration: Meg Snyder, Megan DeMarco, Sognyi Park
Animation: Dylan Carrow, Megan DeMarco, Songyi Park

This project is for Harvard Business Review on Silent Meetings, when I worked from Dash as an intern.
I had a part of illustration in pre production and animation.

During pre production, I connected Silent meeting with Lights and darkness.
People who feel uncomfortable to receive attention during meeting, they would want to stay in darkness.

Contrastively, dominated speakers are getting spotlight. 

It makes they can’t find innovative solution which would be in darkness.
Based on this idea, I creates some style frames, and Meg Snyder developed this idea. 



HBR Mind Map1.jpg
HBR Mind Map2.jpg
Rough storyboard.jpg
Rough Storyboard2.jpg

Character Design


Story Board


Style frames