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Inner World

Personal Project
- working in progress -

Inner World: Headliner

Accepting your self fully without any distortion.

It will help your inner peace.

This project will be illustrational animation that describe process of inner self whose have mental problem and method how can solve the problem.
Its aim is helping people who have mental illness by presenting psychology notions metaphorically via animation.

A main character faced with challenge but he or she can’t overcome it.
He or she is disappointed and stuck in the darkness.
His or her soul comes out from their body and it goes down to the inner world.
During the journey of inner world, he or she observes their inner world process and do self-treatment by accepting their inner child.

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Research for this project was focused on psychology theories

Satir's personal iceberg metaphor / Steps of cognition specified in cognitive model / Inner child theory of Sigmund Freud

Inner World: Projects
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Satir’s personal iceberg metaphor

Satir’s iceberg metaphor is a model

how person structure their own inner self.

Water line means boundary between consciousness and unconsciousness.
The more go down into deep ocean,

it interprets deeper unconsciousness.
All level is connecting and influence each other.

It interprets it’s possible to find reason of behavior by tracking this model.

It helps people to understand themselves more deeply and clearly


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Character Design

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Story Board

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2D Elements Design

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3D Elements Design

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